Monday, September 21, 2009

Panda Express

Liu Hua

Set in ancient China, Panda Express (Xiongmao Daxia) is a comedy about a stupid cop who escorts a panda on a journey to see a general, for whom the panda will perform a banquet.(China Daily) ( 

Hong Kong premiere of The Founding of a Republic

Huang Jianxin, director (

Pansy Ho, daughter of Stanley Ho (

Zhang Guoli, Han Sanping, Albert Yeung, Huang Jianxin (

Andy Lau, described as looking stiff and gaunt, at the charity premiere (


Peter Chan, Sandra Ng (

Johnnie To (

Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang More photos (

Tian Zhuangzhuang and Wada Emi, costume designer attend the Beijing premiere of The Warrior and The Wolf (

Maggie Q

Joe Odagiri

Fan Bingbing - Wheat

Huang Jue

The project market aims to promote Chinese-language film projects regardless of the nationality of filmmakers. This year’s selection includes Kinsbruner’s Mama, Huhu, a careful observation of the lives of Chinese immigrants in Israel, and Recio’s In The Shadow Man, which uses Taiwan as the backdrop for his fantasy about a man gradually turning into a shadow.

The line-up also includes several projects utilising 3D or other new technology: Taiwanese filmmakers Yao Hung–I and Liang Ching-sheng’s drama Illumination will be shot in 3D; Singaporean director Jack Neo’s Granny Neo will be a 3D animation feature...
Hollywood Reporter: Cheng, Tian to open Golden Horse fest
Discarding its “Mandarin-language only” rule, FTPP will also showcase English-language project “Best Friend” by Chinese director Zheng Wai and Korean producer Seong Jun; “Ma Ma, Hu Hu,” from Israeli director Micha Kinsbruner; and “The Shadow Man," French helmer Lorenzo Recio’s fanasty set in Taiwan.


ewaffle said...

I don't know about gaunt, or more gaunt than usual, but anyone would look stiff in that gray Mao getup that Andy Lau is wearing. Looks like a suit of armor.

dleedlee said...

Just a case of journalistic license, and trying to stir up the pot some more.

Personally, I think the Zhongshan suit looks sharp. Maybe it's my parochial school upbringing. Best of all, no tie required! It is said that Sun Yat-sen originally designed it.