Monday, September 21, 2009

Miriam Yeung, I don't even recognize you anymore.

Husband Real Ting

For the first time, Maggie gets fully involved in the creative process of shooting ads. From every shot, angle, hand gesture, Maggie gives her advice. The concept is reversal of aging and reversal of time illustrated by a big clock and different ages.

Maggie Cheung is filming a new series of ads and for the first time fully participating in the production for each shot of Olay's anniversary advertisements.

Andy Lau's MV 'Mother' to celebrate 60th anniversary of New China's founding.
Song is composed by Ronald Ng.

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ewaffle said...

Maggie Cheung as the face of Oil of Olay (or as my wife calls it, "Oil of Old Lady).

Since she seems to age about one year for every five by mortal humans it seems a bit unfair, like have Superman endorse a strength building drink.