Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chow Yun-Fat has high praise for Confucius costar Zhou Xun at Beijing press conference.
Zhang Ziyi was interviewed on TV recently. After 10 years in the movie industry, she would prefer to wait for a good movie, star in a good supporting role, but not star in a bad role. Independence is Zhang's only ambition.

New spy film, Qiu Xi - Happy Autumn/Autumn Love(?) in October 14. Features Guo Xiaodong, Sun Chun, Jiang Yiyan and Qin Hailu. Directed by Sun Zhou, the story takes place in 1949 on the eve of the liberation of Guangzhou.

Ghost Film "Eternal Beloved" Hits Cinemas
Actress Yu Feihong's directorial debut "Eternal Beloved" hits cinemas across China on September 3.

66th Venice Film Festival Opens

Vietnamese tale of tangled love to get rare Venice screening

'Chinese Restaurants' documentary film screening in LA
"Chinese Restaurants" was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival in 2006.  It was produced by Hong Kong-born, Toronto-based director Cheuk Kwan and Cinematographer Kwoi Gin.

Sword-fighting epic revived
Director Wong Kar-Wai’s 1994 Wu Xia Classic Ashes Of Time Returns Enhanced To Cinemas 15 years On

Andy Lau tears as he apologises for lying

Edison Chen making a comeback in Taiwan

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