Saturday, September 5, 2009

Prince of Tears Red Carpet Photos


Oceane Zhu, Yonfan, Terri Kwan

Zhu Xuan

Fan Chih-Wei,Terri Kwan, Zhu Xuan, Joseph Chang
Prince Of Tears: Red Carpet - 66th Venice Film Festival (Zimbio)

Joseph Chang Hsiao-Chuan

Terri Kwan

Oceane Zhu Xuan
Prince Of Tears: Photocall - 66th Venice Film Festival (Zimbio)

The Venice film festival Friday turned the spotlight on Asia as Soi Cheang's "Accident" bloodied the silver screen and Yonfan recalled Taiwan's anti-communist White Terror in "Prince of Tears".

Barbie Hsu

Dee Hsu

Wong Jing

Barbie and Dee Hsu

Shawn Yue

Zhou Xun

Shawn Yue, Zhou Xun, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Joseph Cheng
attend a fashion event

Zhao Wei: We Are All Big-Time Directors
Zhao Wei shoots photos for her latest album, "We Are All Big-Time Directors".

Lau and Chu have two children, says HK magazine

Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau is said to have two children with former Malaysian beauty queen Carol Chu even though he has denied it openly, Chinese newspapers reported.

Jiang Yingrong - Happy Girl

Jiang Becomes the 'Happiest Girl'

Jiang Yingrong, 21, crowned Happy Girl

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