Monday, September 7, 2009

Horror, Homes and Heels

Taiwan version of The Message poster eliminates the characters and emphasizes a torture chair
Storm Warriors poster
Film is now in post-production and will offer over 1000 special effects
Yonfan, Wong Kar-Wai - Venice
Yonfan, TVB exec Virginia Lok, Wong Kar-Wai
Taiwan may show China anniversary film
Taiwan is likely to allow the screening of a Chinese film celebrating this year's 60th anniversary of the People's Republic - but not before next year, Taiwanese officials indicated on Sunday.

Chow Yun-Fat's latest role as Confucius was his wife's doing

Roy Chiao's old stone house among list of those downgraded, loses historic designation

bc magazine: Fifteen Favourites
bc’s favourite films of the last decade and a half

Vincent Chiu questions the choices people make in his latest film.
Three Narrow Gates, a thriller in which a murder connects an ex-cop with a gambling addiction, a young journalist and a pastor cum radio host. Beneath its political undertones, big corporation collusions and media self-censorship, the film is about the choices that confront the three characters.

HK Magazine's short takes
The Unbelievable
(Hong Kong) A film adaptation of the local TV show about paranormal happenings around town. Directed by Chan Tat-nin. Starring Master Szeto, Rachel Chan. Opens Sep 3

Trick or Cheat
(Hong Kong) Director Oxide Pang tries his hand at comedy with this high school flick about a group of students who try to cheat their way through their final public examinations. Starring G.E.M., William Chan. Opens Sep 3

Happily Ever After
(Hong Kong) A local teen tearjerker revolves around a girl who is looking for her missing lover despite everyone telling her he is dead already. Directed by Y.Y. Kong, Azrael Chung. Starring Ken Hung, Michelle Wai, Carlos Chan. Opened Aug 27. 

Variety: China's hot summer box office

Interesting -- close up of Han Yuqin's shoes


duriandave said...

Thanks for the link about Tai Hom village! I never cease to be surprised when I catch glimpses of old Hong Kong and realize just how much it has grown in half a century.

dleedlee said...

HK Magazine writes regularly about how various historic sites are being 'renovated' and lost in the name of modernization. Sad to read.