Friday, September 4, 2009

Ekin Cheng not ready to settle down

Ekin Cheng
Ekin Cheng talks about how his fellow male actors bring out the 'auntie' in him, and why marriage is not on the cards, for now
Ekin's bevy of beauties
While Ekin waxes unabashedly about having a ball of a time with his male co-actors, he is best known for a string of off-screen romances with his female co-stars
Perfect onscreen partner?
Charlene Choi's upcoming leading role in The Storm Warriors is her fourth outing with Ekin Cheng

Singapore News
Blood Ties - Putting the women on top
Film-maker Chai Yee-Wei sure knows how to pick his women. For his debut feature film, "Blood Ties", the 34-year-old local director enlisted the services of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's" Jade Fox; a 14-year-old knife-wielding, blood-soaked teenager from Malaysia; and "Deal Or No Deal" hottie No 4.

Singapore's Kelvin Tong to co-produce Korean film "Host 2"

Singapore is set to a get a slice of the monster action in the sequel. The movie's Korean producers have selected Singapore film-maker Kelvin Tong to co-produce the sequel called "Host 2".

Jack Neo's latest 'offering' brings horror to another dimension

While sticking to his use of Singlish as seen in earlier movies ("Just Follow Law", "Money No Enough") Neo has departed from the norm with "Where Got Ghost" to look at the departed.

Gaile Lok promoting a watch brand

Shu Qi and Tony Leung attend a Cartier event in Beijing
Tony's hand is basically healed but is Shu Qi's heart?

Sam Hui kicks off four night concert run
Sam invites his wife, Rebu, up for a kiss
Sam celebrates his 61st birthday this week

Brother Ricky joins in

Tricia Chen Kin-Fei, Edison's elder sister

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