Saturday, September 5, 2009

Venice and Vancouver

Michelle Ye Xuan
Han Yuqin
Louis Koo
Soi Cheang Pou-Soi
Richie Ren's wife girlfriend, Tina
Richie Ren, Tina, Soi Cheang, guest, Louis Koo, Michelle Ye, Han Yuqin
Venice: Accident Red Carpet (Zimbio)

Louis Koo
Richie Ren
Michelle Ye Xuan
Han Yuqin

Accident' defies Hong Kong thriller genre

Variety: Accident

Hollywood Reporter: Prince of Tears

Variety: Prince of Tears

Variety: Tetsuo the Bullet Man (Japan)

Vancouver Fest Announces Dragons & Tigers (more)
THE COW (Guan Hu) North American Premiere 
The sole survivor of a Japanese attack in WWII, shock-haired Chinese farmer Nie Er becomes an unlikely resistance hero, along with his companion, an indomitably loyal milk cow. Guan Hu's picaresque black comedy packs a delightfully absurd punch, with stunning images illustrating a touching magic-realist fable.

OXHIDE II (Liu Jiayin) North American Premiere
One of Chinese cinema's boldest experiments in narrative fiction is also the funniest Chinese film of the year. Liu Jiayin's story of making dumplings with her parents structures this formally daring, wryly amusing look at family dynamics, economic burdens and the ethics and aesthetics of cooking from scratch.

NIGHT AND FOG (Ann Hui) North American Premiere
Based on a true incident, Ann Hui's harrowing drama captures domestic violence in all its dramatic complexity. When a pregnant mainland woman marries a violently jealous unemployed Hong Konger, economic and cultural differences prove explosive.

An elegant, tough, unconventional film noir from Malaysia. Probing beneath unquiet surfaces, Ho Yuhang's luminous images and stunning montages catch quiet passions erupting into unpredictable, shocking action: between two young lovers, between husband and wife and between mother and son.

YANG YANG (Cheng Yu-chieh) North American Premiere
This vibrantly alive coming-of-age story of a young Eurasian woman in Taipei follows glamorous Yang Yang from high-school athlete to aspiring actress. Director Cheng Yu-chieh's intimate camera captures the precise articulation, via sex, scandal and heartbreak, between adolescence and adulthood.


YTSL said...

Hi dleelee --

Only discovered this blog very recently! If you don't mind me asking: is the difference between it and the HKMDB News that with this one that you don't link to Chinese articles in this one whereas you do on the HKMDB News blog?

dleedlee said...

Hah, thanks for asking a good question! Still figuring it out myself. I've been testing this blog out as a new platform. Right now, there's probably more content here as I'm focusing on familiarizing myself with the ins and outs, weighing pros and cons. A quasi-parallel test, if you will. Basically, it's in flux. :)

Sorry, that's the best I can say for now.

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God. Didn't have coffee before I wrote the first set of comments -- and it sure does show! Thanks for being able to comprehend what I was asking anyways. And I guess the thing to do would be to check both blogs for the next few weeks at least! ;b

dleedlee said...

Think of it as an additional opportunity to waste time!