Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe

2009 Golden Horse poster released, pays tribute to cameramen
Prince of Tears poster
Kenneth Tsang Kong
Skye Chan
Kayi Cheung
 He also acknowledged the signed marriage certificate with Yu Ke-Hsin from decades ago (1985) and that Carol Chu was the third party that came between them as was previously reported.

Chaos at the airport as Andy Lau returns to HK - gallery
Andy apologized for lying to his fans and thanked them for his support. Earlier, when he left Beijing from filming his MV, fans lined up at the airport and gave him lucky 'hong baos', red packets. (awww!)
Andy Lau apologizes for lying about marriage
Veteran Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau has apologized for lying about his marriage, saying he behaved inappropriately for a public figure.

Andy's unregistered first wife?
Yu Ke-Hsin

More revelations from Andy Lau
Hong Kong star Andy Lau has admitted to signing a marriage certificate with former girlfriend, Taiwanese actress Yu Ke-Xin, 24 years ago, when the pair were dating.

Hong Kong’s Filmko to produce 3D period drama
The cast of the film is yet to be announced. However, it is understood that three comedians Guo Tao, Huang Bo and Liu Hua are likely to be recruited as lead actors. Tentatively titled, Don Quixote to be directed by Agan.

DVD Review – Sean Baker and Shih-Ching Tsou's "Take Out"

Korean Film News
Magnolia acquires 'Mother'
Firm plans retrospective of director Bong Joon-Ho's work

Online Bootleg of 'Haeundae' Angers Korean Film Industry

Success of 'Haeunda' Invigorates Korean Film Industry

Actress Jang Jin-young Dies of Cancer at 35
The actress is best known for her role in ``The Scent of Love'' as a woman dying of stomach cancer.
Her first big hit was the movie ``The Foul King''  in 200.

Hot in Hollywood

If you think there has been more than the usual number of Asian faces in major movies this year, you are not imagining it.

And the pillars of the film industry are ...

Huabiao refers to a type of ceremonial column often erected in front of palaces and last weekend the pillars of China's film industry were recognized.

Photoshop Fun!
On the heels of the last Zhang Ziyi post.
Angelina, Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba. (

Okay, to help wash your eyes out, here's a little salve: I found this thread on modern pop stars in cheongsams/qi paos. Don't be afraid to look, promise! (
A-mei, Lin Chi-Ling, Barbie Hsu and Dee Hsu, Shu Qi, Fan Bingbing, Li Yuchun, S.H.E. and Huang Shengyi.

ESWN: The Highest Rental Rate in Hong Kong paid by 'cagemen'

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